Bits of my day.
So I'm on a 'I'm gonna lose weight' kick hardcore over here.  I really have had enough of being uncomfortable in my skin.  I want to feel fit and I honestly I do want to be skinny.  I mean, I'll probably never be skinny, skinny, but skinnier would be nice.

So like I said the other night, I started couch to 5k.  Tomorrow is day 2, and I'm determined I am going to do it.  I'm still working out the logistics of it as my day is pretty well full, but I will do it.  I will.

Hear me?

K, now hold me to that. :D

In other news my days has been fairly productive.  Got up after nearly no sleep and cleaned the house, and then after school Dylan had an eye appointment.  After the initial assessment the Dr. was certain the his vision was fine and that he didn't need glasses, but right before we left he decided he wanted to do a dilation and just double check.  So Dylan and I hang out for 15 minutes while the drops work their magic, and the Dr. comes back in and does another exam.  He turns and looks at the nurse and says 'Well, that was more than I expected'.  Words every mother wants to hear.

So he decided that Dylan probably does need glasses, but for reading only, which is good, because if he had to play in them or wear them for any length of time he'd break them sure as I'm sitting here.  But that wasn't the interesting part.  Oh no, my children have to always be special.

So the Dr. asks me about the scar on Dylan's face right below his eye and I told him how he got it and he asked me if he'd had any trauma to the other eye, to which I replied 'he's Dylan, he's a walking head trauma'.  He liked that.  However.  He found a scar on Dylan's left eye, but was more concerned with the fact that he has Retinoschisis, which is retinal splitting: localized splitting of the retina into two layers with an intervening space.  Dylan's appeared to have fluid in between the layers.  The doctor sounded very unconcerned, saying that it was most likely caused from a fall and he wants to see him back in six months to make sure that it doesn't worsen.  However, being the medical moron that I am, I've googled it, and turns out that there are two major reasons for Retinoschisis.  One is trauma... like shaken baby/abused child trauma.  The other is Juvenile Retinoschisis which is an inherited disease carried by mothers, and as Dylan is a major klutz but has never been abused or had any serious head trauma, I'm slightly concerned about this.  There really isn't anything they can do about it, so perhaps that's why he didn't mention it to me?  Maybe he didn't want to worry me, seeing as there was a scar there and that is very likely the cause.  I don't know.  Probably that's exactly what it is, but for now, please pray that that is it, and that there is no further degeneration.

Okay so I'm off to try to sleep, once again at 2:30 am.  I've seriously got to do something about my sleeping patterns!  Annnyhow.  Love to all <3
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