It's been so long since I just sat down to blog. I think perhaps I'd forgotten why I started in the first place. In my defense (not that I have to defend myself, it is my blog, afterall), I have been busy writing elsewhere. I haven't completely stopped writing. In fact, I've been writing much more so than is normal for me. And I've really been enjoying it. But that's not all that's kept me away...

Things have been crazy here. Some good, some bad, all psycho. I'm sure some, well, most, of you know that I've had a very eventful week. I started having some pain on my left side last Thursday evening that felt a lot like a kidney stone. I was itching, too, but that didn't make any sense to anyone. Finally Monday night I went to the ER bc I couldn't take the pain anymore. Eric was surprised that I had let it go on so long, and so he urged me to go. They did a CT scan and said that while I did have a stone still in my right kidney, they didn't see anything on the left side.

Oh, and I have chronic appendicitis. Umm. yeah.

So they drugged me and sent me home with no real answers, other than I had probably recently passed a stone on the left.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, however, I had spots. I called mom and asked her why I would have hives, and she said 'it could just be the meds' and I said 'but why is it local to that one area?'. She said girl, you better hope you don't have shingles.

And I do.

They run almost from my spine to my bellybutton on the left side, and they are so very, very painful. I was previously unaware of the pain they could cause but holy moly, I'm ready for this to be over. Eric took me to an urgent care last night to get the proper meds, and such, but the pain meds are pretty much just taking the edge off.

Fun, huh?

And we're leaving for vacation on Monday. I'm really hoping this will have cleared up some by then, but for now, I am taking full advantage and laying around doing nothing.

Can you blame me?!

Anyhow, I'm alive. I've decided I'm a much better writer when I'm writing fiction, but oh well, you guys will just have to suck it up and listen to me ramble, for now :)
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  1. Melody Says:

    Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! I had hives once and come to find out, I am allergic to benadryl, the more I took, the worse they got. But, I'm sure they didn't hurt that bad. I'm so sorry that stinks! I hope you feel better soon!

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