Not Me! Monday
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This most certainly is not the first Not Me! Monday I've done in over a month. Just sayin.

I didn't spend all of last week trying to keep my house clean, only to spend my whole weekend doing absolutely nothing. They children didn't destroy the house in 12 minutes. I am psyched about cleaning it, again.

This morning my 3.5 year old son didn't have a meltdown about using the toilet. He is completely potty trained and has been for some time now. He doesn't refuse to use the toilet, and he hates being wet and or dirty. He isn't driving me insane. I haven't threatened him with potty training boot camp at least twice this week.

After taking my daughter to school this morning, I didn't come home and get back in bed. I didn't then set my alarm for 10:30. And if I had, when it went off, I certainly wouldn't have turned it off and slept until noon. I'm a good parent and a great housewife. I would never, ever waste half of my day sleeping. I just wouldn't. It isn't me.

Every day the past two weeks I haven't just thrown a hoodie on with jeans to take my daughter to school bc I was too lazy to put on a bra. I would never! I certainly wouldn't do that when it's 80 degrees outside. That's just silly.

I'm not doing a little happy dance right now bc 'S' just walked in with Chicken Nuggets from MckDonald's. I'm not that nerdy. I am now not disappointed bc they messed up our order. Sigh. I suppose I'll go eat, now.

I most certainly did not whine bc I had to split a medium fry between me 'S' and my 3 year old. I am not that childish. I'm on a diet, anyhow.

I did not just clean my entire house, minus the kids' rooms. This does not make me feel infinately better about myself. I am not weird like that.

I am not at this moment sitting on my bed, music blaring, doing absolutely nothing.

I do not have the best neighbor in the world to allow my kids to run wild in her fenced in back yard with her kids. Silence is not golden. Oh wait who are we kidding YES IT IS!

My baby girl didn't get her first interim report today. She didn't get all 'S's on it. I am not so very proud of her. For you know, being an insufferable little know it all :)

Okay, just thought I'd update ya'll on the rest of my Monday. Much love.

**I would also like to remind you all that this is NOT ME MONDAY and therefore all of the above mentioned things are opposite. My son is NOT potty trained, and couldn't care less about being wet and dirty. Ahem. Just thought I'd clear that up.**

***When referring to lunch earlier, I did NOT spell McDonald's with a 'k'. I do not need a life aside from the blog world. *dies* ***
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  1. jmberrygirl Says:

    Boy do I get that! If only I could've slept a little later today...

  2. Melanie Says:

    sorry they messed up your order! hope you are having a great day!!!

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