Not My Child! Monday

Welcome to the great therapy session of the week! Hop on over to MckMama's blog to check out what everyone else and their kids haven't done this week.

I most certainly did not just get home from open house with my daughter. She isn't starting Kindergarten. She didn't just ask me if she could ride the bus on the first day of school, and when I said no, she didn't say, well then can I just walk to my class alone? Not my little baby girl.

I didn't have to set up a kids email account for that same five year old today.

She and her three year old brother certainly aren't more computer savvy than I. That would be sad.

Speaking of that five year old, last week when all of my friends' kids were here she didn't say something to the effect of 'I'm getting the children a Popsicle'. Umm, kid, you're five, what do you think you are? ha. She's not a total mother hen!

My three year old son most certainly didn't paint his fingernails again. But this time, instead of going through Mommy's things, he didn't just use a dry erase marker. That would be really creative though, you know, if my son had painted his nails...

One day this week my son informed my mother that he needed to go pee. She said, you know, if you can tell me you need to go pee, you could tell me you need to go poop, and you wouldn't need to wear pull ups any more. He said, Mimi, I can't, it won't come out. She said yes it will, it comes out in your pull up, you could certainly poop on the potty. She said besides, you know that you can't go to school if you aren't potty trained. When she said that, he most certainly didn't look at her and say, well, they won't let you start school until you're 5, so I'll get potty trained then.'

I didn't spend an amazing hour in wresting around in the bed with the best kids in the world last night. They do not have the best personalities, and when listened to, really, really listened to, are not the funniest kids I've ever met. They don't get their morbid, totally inappropriate sense of humor from their Mother. That's all their Daddy's side of the family :)

Speaking of their Daddy, they don't totally love that man to death. :) I don't either :)

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    It surprises me how computer savvy my 5 yr old is too - tonight she asked me to scan her drawing in the computer and email it to her teacher, incase she forgets to take it (her homework) to school tomorrow. When I was in kindergarten - the most complex thing I did or decided on was chocolate milk or regular...

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