Show Us Where You Live Friday - Bathrooms.. and then some!

Well it's Friday again, and a loooong Friday it's been. I'll tell you ALL about that in a little bit, but for now it's time to show off the loo. Yep both of 'em. Hop on over to Kelly's Korner and check out where everyone else, umm, does their business :) Hope you guys enjoy! I'm going to try to figure out how to get the pictures aligned right this week. We'll see how that goes, too.
So here's the view of our bathroom when you're walking in. The shower is immediately to the left. There are two sinks, but we only use one.
This is my AWESOME bathtub. It's wonderful to soak in. The only problems are that 1) my legs are too long. 2) My children think the sloped part is a slide and 3) I really just miss laying in the tub and letting the shower fall on me. I'm a nerd. Sue me.
This is my favorite part:) well, almost. I love to light my candles and just lay in the tub. There are two missing, but that's bc they've been on my bed side table since the last time the power went out. One of them smells like vampires
The opposite of the first view. This one was taken from the bathtub.
Hey look there's the shower! And you know, daily necessities. Actually, that's not even hair spray, it's stuff you spray on your nails to help them dry faster.
This is the shower head my hubby got me. It's one of those rain fall things. I know. I love it. And we're Irish spring fresh around here.
My cubby. See look, there's the hairspray. And the rest of my essentials.
This is the view from the hall into the kids bathroom. I just love their shower curtain.
One of the two fishy curtain hooks. I love them!
The cutest rug ever! This poor rug has seen it all!
The crab toothbrush holder that isn't big enough to hold the toothbrushes. We keep him because he's cute, and we can't ever turn away a wounded animal.
This little cabinet was in the house when we moved in and I love it. It's really cute, it holds extra towels, blankets, swim suits, etc. And my son hasn't knocked it over yet, either!


So now that you've seen where we do our business, lets get down to business.. Today was one of the longest days of my life. We were scheduled for a 1:00 appointment and the Children's hospital with Cardiology for my daughter. We left in plenty of time, ran by McDonald's and got lunch, and off we went. As we were pulling onto the freeway, the air quit working. I was like man I really don't want to drive all the way up there in this heat with no air. Then I realized it: the car was overheated. I pulled over and sat there. One little kid (I say that, he very well could have been my age) stopped just as I pulled over, but as there really wasn't anything he could do, I thanked him kindly and we sat. For forty minutes no one else stopped. I read books to my daughter, tried to get a hold of the Dr's office, and also tried to find a ride. I called a friend from church who works at the hospital. She was off and was gonna come and get us and take us there. Then, karma would have it, she couldn't find her keys. So after forty minutes of sitting in the heat (and begging God for at least a breeze, which he did mercifully grant us) a man stopped. He said the car was cool enough to take the radiator cap off. He was like 'drive it over to the gas station and we'll get some water in it'. I said oh I have water. 'Smart girl' he says. My Daddy's a mechanic. I could have done all this myself, but since chivalry isn't dead, I decided to let the kind older man do it for me. Besides, I really didn't want to get dirty. Just kidding. So we get the car going and I run over and refill my water bottles, just in case. All this time I've been calling the cardio office and getting a voice mail. 'You've reached____ cardiology. Our hours are 8-5 Mon-Fri with a lunch break from 12-1. Please leave a message and we'll call back.' OR something like that. I called and got that particular message until 1:30 when someone with a pulse graciously answered the phone. They said that even though we would be over an hour late to come and they would see us anyhow. Thank goodness bc I'd already cried 3 times at this point. So off we go on our 45 minute drive. The car did fine and I decided that since we were running so late I would just pay the ten bucks to valet instead of going out to the parking garage. Umm no. Now you have to pay up front, and they don't take ATM cards. Sigh. So crying again, I head out to the parking garage, and walk the mile and a half that it seems to be back inside. I tried desperately not to give the valet guy a dirty look bc really, it isn't his fault. He's just a worker bee, or something. Anyhow.. we get in and they send us to the wrong waiting room. Luckily, someone checked and sent us to the right place within about five minutes. After all that we get in to the Dr and they did the EKG just to start. It was perfectly normal. I knew it would be. If your car makes a noise and you take it to the mechanic, what are the chances that the car will still be making said noise when you get there?

I digress (<3>

So. The Dr came in and everything looked and sounded fine, as again I knew it would. But luckily for me we have finally found a cardiologist who either A) has a brain or B) could tell I was already having a bad day and chose to not make it worse. I don't really care either way at this point. After telling him all of the family history (I'd tell you all about it, but we'd be here all night) he decided that the safest thing to do would be a holtor monitor. Hallelujah! That's exactly what I wanted because most of her arrhythmia is when she is sleeping. And that's way her EKG's are always normal, because she's awake. So until 4 tomorrow, this is what my pretty little girl looks like.
She's tolerating it well. I have no idea why this text is blue or underlined, but as I am posting Show us where you live Friday at 11:08, I really don't care. Like I said she's dealing okay with the monitor itself. The adhesive is bothering her skin, some, but we expected that. Now we just pray. We pray that she has arrhythmia so the dr's can see it and know where to go from here, so that it doesn't continue to go untreated and then affect her heart function. Anyhow, prayers are coveted. I'm going to log off now bc this post has been in the works for hours and, this blue is really getting on my nerves :)

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