Right now.
I've been planning on writing a new post for days now. I compose them in my head as I'm driving down the road, planning on typing it out when I get home, then something happens. Like last night when the power went out. Oh. Well. I got a hot bath in the dark by candle light, and some picking up done, too. Today is a different kind of day for me. My husband is chronically ill, and today is not a good day. Not at all. The kids are asking for candy, and I'm trying to convince them that they need lunch first. Ah, the fun.

I've been so depressed/busy lately that I've gotten behind on, well, pretty much everything. Laundry, cleaning, blogging, Bible studies, etc. So yesterday I spent three hours cleaning my house. I mainly cleaned the kids rooms, and my bedroom. I picked up the living room at 2 in the morning by candlelight, and I did clean the kitchen yesterday. My problem is that I'm so OCD that it isn't enough. There are cups sitting on the table and their driving me nuts. It doesn't matter that my kids are drinking out of them. They shouldn't be there. UGH. I just want some order. I get like this occasionally and it's irritating.

I did this once before, somewhere else. But this is what I'm doing 'right now'

Right now, I'm watching my three year old son spin in circles in the living room, repeatedly falling over, and giggling.

Right now I'm listening to my five year old daughter sing about her brother spinning and falling on his head, while she's laying on the carpet coloring.

Right now, the deadliest catch is on as background noise.

Right now, I'm trying to decide what is for lunch.

Right now, I'm texting back and forth with my best friend who is finally on her way home from work.

Right now, I'm thinking I should be up, doing laundry, cleaning the floors, cooking lunch, doing my Bible studies, or anything really that is productive.

Right now I'm thinking that I don't want to do any of those things. I want to put my kiddos down for a nap (they don't nap) and go crawl in the bed next to my husband, sit on my computer and play sims while I listen to him snore. I like to listen to his breathing, it's reassuring to me.

Right now, I guess I really am going to get up and do lunch, and maybe pick up some more.

See, I really am alive. Really.
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  1. Lyryn Says:

    You should get a recorder and take it with you. My mom does that. I actually want to do that because I forget all the things I want to write about. Think of it as an investment! ;)

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