Show us where you live.. a little late
So Kelly has been doing this little blog carnival called 'Show us where you live, Friday'. Well, today ain't Friday, (yes I just said ain't) but I'm playing catch up here. My house is nothing fancy (no matter how much I'd like it to be) but it is home to us. I wasn't going to add these pictures. I'm actually having second thoughts about it as I sit here. I try to keep this blog as anonymous as possible due to it's sometimes sensitive nature. Basically I don't want my mother to come across it and have a coronary. However, I'm not sure she even knows what a blog is, so I'm going to do this. I might chicken out and delete it later, but for now, here it is. I'm doing the Kitchen, living room, dining room, and spare room. Well, these pictures were taken right after we moved in, and some things have changed, but not a whole lot. I'd take more, but the house hasn't been as clean as it was since these pictures were taken, and I don't see it being that clean anytime soon, so I'm using these. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure these were taken after one big OCD manic cleaning spree, so it'll NEVER be that clean again, but, here you go.. I'm in a fairly sarcastic mood, so this should be fun :)
This is the view of our living room from the hallway that goes to our room. This was before I had my new fancy pants camera with it's wide angle lens, but oh well. On the left side of the pic, there's a picture frame with our wedding pictures. Too bad you can't see them, I was hot. :) If you look on the end table you will see evidence of little children. The couch is no where near that clean anymore, and 2 of those hot pier one pillows are now missing. The blanket on the back of the couch has been replaced by....

This beautiful quilt that my wonderful husband made. Isn't it awesome?

We got this lamp as a wedding present, over six years ago. Notice the tag? Yeah, me too. Just can't bring myself to take it off. No, I have no idea why. I had to replace the shade last year bc, well, the children destroyed it. I got this one at Lowes and I love it!

Below is the view from behind the couch near the dining room. First fix your eyes on those wonderful curtains. This is the first time in my life I've lived somewhere that I got to pick out the curtains. I love them! Look beyond the curtains. The blinds no longer look like that. They look like.. well, I wish I had a picture. They're torn all to heck and back. It's really rather embarrassing, I just refuse to replace them until the little spawns of satan are old enough to stay out of them! Ahem. On the mantle you'll see a picture of my nephew, taken about 6 years ago, and a picture of my husband and I taken a little over five years ago when I was very, very, very pregnant with our daughter. I wish you could see that one, too. I love it. The lamp next that picture I got at Kirkland's. My mom added the beading for me. That's her stool over there, and her plant on top of the fireplace. Those are also her picture frames on the wall, with her pictures in it:) I jacked that blanket from her, too! See a pattern?
Okay so that's the hallway the first picture was taken from. The TV was bought about 4 years ago or so, and now is covered in a film of wax bc my son is, well, my son. That mirror on the ground is moms. It eventually got hung, but the kids knocked it down and I never got around to putting it back up. Come to think of it, she hung it the first time! There are a smattering of picture frames on the TV, some of which, you guessed it, are moms! Mostly they're just pics of the family, cousins and nephews and such. There are very few pictures of my kids in this house bc I'm lazy. You'll get used to it. The door on the left is the spare room. Not sure if I have a usable picture of that room, but maybe.

Okay so I know it's nothing close up, but here's the kitchen. You can see my crock pot up there on the top of the cabinets. I actually used it today for chicken and dumplings. You can see the pictures on the fridge, most of which are gone now, replaced by magnet puzzles and sonic happy meal toys. MMMM happy hour. Sorry. Hmm.. Trying to see if there's anything else interesting you can see. I guess the most interesting part is that there aren't dished piled up everywhere, there's no food on the counter, and it's generally clean. That usually is not the case!

Hmm. So this is the dining room table that was in my parents house when I was a very small girl. There is a picture of me on my 6th birthday taken at this very table. It holds a lot of sentimental value. The little booster seat is now gone, and I'm preparing to re-cover the chairs bc they have about had all the toddler they can take. :) There are approximately six garbage bags piled up over there by the freezer as we speak, bc my husband is ill and I've not made it to the dump. I'd put them outside, but there's some kind of animal that just keeps tearing them up. MM how I'd love to get my hands on that animal. The lights hanging are one of my sons favorite toys, and I'm repeatedly saying 'Get off the table honey'. 'Get off the table, now'. 'How many times do I have to tell you tables are not for feet?'. And any variation thereof. Oh, and take a good look at the floor, cause it's not been that clean since:)

This was taken standing in the kitchen. The laundry room is on the other side of the table. There is now a huge set of industrial shelves there bc I just needed more storage space. The picture frame to the left of the light holds mostly pics of my kids and friends from home. The hallway to the left leads to the children's rooms. BEWARE! Nothing interesting to see here, people... no nothing at all! Now if you'll hold on a minute, I'll see if i can dig up something usable of my spare room. Im pretty sure they all hold pictures of people, but I'll see what I can do.. oh whatever I just took more pictures bc I couldn't pass up the pictures of the blinds. You people have to see these blinds! For your viewing pleasure, and the sheer shock value..
Told you :) yes, they're monsters. No, I couldn't love them more.

So this is our spare room. My husband calls it the 'man cabana'. It's really a multi-purpose room. It's used as an office, where I file bills, and my husband does work related stuff. There is a spare bed, for you know, friends, and all. It is now, however, our sewing room. My husband recently took up quilting, as you can see, and this is what it looks like. There are pictures on the wall above the desk. The ones in the frame are our our daughter after she was born, and our honeymoon. The ones just hanging there are of me when I was a little girl. Thanks mom. No, really. I think these are the only blinds in the house not affected by the little holy terror. Anyhow.

So I guess I'm done now. I am sure I've bored you all stiff, but for my enjoyment, there it is. I'll post pics of the kid's rooms on Friday for the newest edition of show us where you live Friday. Until then, or at least until next time... Love to all. Oh, and bc my friend A brought this up earlier, I'll link you to my favorite song ever, and it's sequel. Trust me it's worth it. Enjoy!
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