I've Decided.
To follow Jesus. Okay, I decided that a long time ago, it just seemed right. Anyhow. I have decided! I wanted to keep this blog completely anonymous. And really, I won't be putting my name on here just in case someone googles me, or something. But since I've been doing this whole Show Us Where You Live Friday thing, I guess pictures of my favorite people wouldn't hurt either. Though they won't be pictures of their faces close up, I will share. Again I don't know that I'll leave them up, but for now, I'd like to show a few of my favorite pictures from today's spur of the moment photo shoot.

As the BFF 'S' pointed out, he was a ham! This little guy flew around us and kept coming back for more pictures. Personally, I think he was drinking the water out of the creek, but shh..

I just love this picture. SHH 'S', I don't want to hear it! LOL! This was kinda one of those spur of the moment pictures. Most of my good ones are, though. Most of the great ones were pictures that weren't planned. Someone just said 'take a picture of that', or I just randomly point the camera in a direction. Anyhow, that's what happened here. 'S' said 'take a picture of them running', so I did.

Another great one. I saw them climbing and I just turned around and snapped it. I like this one, too. I say they were looking at the water, but according to 'S' they were looking at a capri sun pouch someone had thrown in the creek. Ah.

Well, these are my three favorite pictures from today that aren't of them close up. Someday maybe I'll be able to share them completely, but for now, I hope you enjoy these pictures. They certainly make me happy. Nothing big to write about tonight. We just had a great afternoon out with S at the park, and then a great evening at home working in the yard as a family with Daddy, and now we're settling down. Life is indeed good.
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  1. Just Be Real Says:

    Broken, thank you for sharing the pictures, before you take them down! It is quite understandable to remain anonoymous.

    Blessings dear one.

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