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Well here it is again, that wonderful day when we can be brutally honest and live to tell about it! Hop on over to MckMama's blog to see what others haven't been doing this week! Since we took last week off, or at least, some of us did, I'm sure this will include some things from then, too. But for now, I'll start off with things that happened in the last 24 hours. This will probably be a long one, so hang on to your hats!

Yesterday was not one of the longest, most emotionally draining days of my life. I did not stay up until 2 in the morning after having only five hours of sleep to play the Sims, a computer game of all things. I didn't then sleep until noon, and now I certainly don't want to just go right back to bed. I also don't still feel upset about the things that happened yesterday. I don't hold a grudge. Ever.

I most certainly did not lay in bed last Wednesday night and write this post in my head, thinking of different funny things that happened throughout my week. I didn't plan to write it early, and this that you're reading right now was most certainly not written on Friday. HA.

Last Saturday I didn't take my kids to A's house for dinner for my BFF S's birthday. We didn't enjoy hot dogs and cheesecake, and we most certainly didn't let four small children swim in the late evening until their little lips were blue. I'm a good mom, and I would never ever do such a thing. I most certainly didn't swim with them, along with my two best friends. We weren't shivering when we got out, either.

That very same day was not the day that my son pooped on the potty for the very first time. And even if it was, I certainly wouldn't be blogging about it. No, not me. I mean, he's 3 and a half. No big deal. So I certainly wouldn't brag that two days later he did it again, all by himself. I'm not totally excited to be nearing the end of the pull-up phase of our lives.

I didn't go on a seriously manic cleaning spree this past week either, only to look around today and realize that it was a totally futile effort. Oh well.

I didn't try to get away with letting my kids have animal crackers and watermelon for dinner last night. I then didn't have to have S make something for the princess to eat when she realized at 9:30 that she hadn't had dinner. She was starving, and wasn't just using that little guilt trip (mommy, you didn't make me dinner) as a way to delay bed time just a little bit longer. I didn't allow her to stay up just because I felt bad about it.

One night at 11 when the power went out I didn't light 5 candles, send my husband and daughter to bed and proceed to take a hot bath and read by candle light. I then didn't clean up the living room by the same candlelight, and then finish up my new pillow as well. I most certainly didn't lay in bed until two playing my DS just because I enjoyed the silence. When the power came back on, I didn't just roll over and turn the light off and go back to being in the dark. (eye roll, I know I'm a nerd)

I didn't just join Kelly's 'Show us where you live Friday' blog carnival on Wednesday. I also didn't highlight all the worst parts of our house, like the torn up blinds or the dust on the TV. I also didn't add in little tidbits about the piled up garbage bags (which have now been taken to the dump thankyouverymuch) just bc I was feeling only slightly sarcastic. The point is to show off our homes and all the cool decorating tips we've come up with, not scare people away. haha

I didn't spend an hour in the heat of the day working in the yard with my family while it's that wonderful time of the month earlier this week. If I had, my cramps would have eased up immediately, bc you know, like your gym teacher always told you, physical activity makes your cramps better! Since I felt like my stomach and legs were going to explode shortly after we came inside, and for hours thereafter, I couldn't possibly have been doing anything physical. And I certainly am not blogging about this. Feel free to stop reading now!

On Saturday we went on a spur-of-the-moment photo shoot at the local park. While we were there doing that, my daughter ran, jumped on the swing, miscalculated, flew almost all the way over the swing, and landed almost on her head. While she was yelling for me to help her up, I most certainly did NOT take the time to turn my camera on and snap these two pictures before I helped her up. That would have been mean and un-motherly, of me.

Oh, and just so you know, I absolutely did not skip the marriage and family seminar at our church this weekend and then instead take our kids on said photo shoot. I am a faithful member of our congregation and I attend every time the doors are open thankyouverymuch *no, really, I do*. I didn't decide to miss the seminar bc I couldn't possibly fathom spending three days in a row trying to keep my children quiet in church, while listening to wonderfully uplifting lessons about marriage and family, all alone, while my sick husband was at work. Then at worship yesterday morning I certainly didn't feel like a complete outcast and horrible sinner every time someone (and there were a lot of someones) asked where I was, why I didn't come, etc. I mean after all, we had baby sitters for the kids, and it was a wonderful time, the lessons were so beneficial you really should have been here. I am not bitter at all, and the whole time I was NOT thinking that NO ONE told me, or any of the other moms, for that matter, that there would be baby sitters, and really, my marriage is good**, no matter what you can see from the outside. Again, I do NOT HOLD A GRUDGE. That would be very un-Christianlike of me. And even if I did, I certainly wouldn't post about it here, for the whole world to see. I mean, I can only imagine what you people are thinking. Sigh, sorry. I just needed to get that out there. I'm better now. Really.

**in my opinion, all marriages need constant hard work. There is always room to improve, and mine is no different. I do not in any way feel that we wouldn't have benefited from being at the seminar. I promise I'm not that naive. Just a little childish sometimes.

So if you've made it this far, congrats. Don't forget to check out what others haven't done this week, and have a good one coming up. Love to all.
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  1. Lyryn Says:

    Yea... totally don't have a problem holding a grudge either! Oh my word, Lord please help me! haha!

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