The Death of a Cell Phone
This is what my cell phone looked like twenty minutes ago.
This is what my cell phone looks like right now. Wait, what's that? You don't see a cell phone? Oh that would be because it's buried under all of that rice. Yes, yes, I dropped my phone in the bath tub. It could be worse, it could've been the toilet! I've done that before. I think this is cell phone number five or even six that I've managed to get wet over the years. Go me! Sigh. Anyhow just thought I'd give ya'll something to laugh at. So, even though it's Tuesday, I'll give you a preview of one of my not me's for next week.

I most certainly did not move my phone from my left hand to my right hand so that I could pull the bath tub stopper out with my left hand, and then proceed to put my whole right hand under water, phone and all, in an attempt to unplug the tub. Yes, I'm that coordinated. I mean, um, no, I'm not that uncoordinated. Ha.

Anyhow. We have a Ladies Bible study tonight. Usually I get weepy and emotional at stuff like this but I'm not sure how it will be tonight. Prayers are appreciated. I'll probably actually blog later tonight. Love to all!
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