She's Making Progress

We saw the orthopedic surgeon today and it was pretty good news! She got her cast off and now she has 4 more weeks in a splint. It's cast on the bottom and then wrapped in an Ace bandage. The great thing about that is SHOWERS! Also after this week she can start taking it off a couple of hours a day to work on straightening it and gaining some mobility back. After 4 weeks we'll go back and they'll do a 5th set of x-rays and HOPEFULLY she will get the all clear to return (slowly) to normal activities. That would mean that she would get to do more than this at the gym....

If she doesn't have full mobility (or what a normal person would consider full mobility, her elbows bend backwards) in 4 weeks time, then we'll start physical therapy, however the doctor is almost certain it shouldn't be a problem. So excited to be on the road to recovery, because she is really starting to get jealous of all the girls in the gym who are tumbling and having fun while she's doing core exercises and leg training. And dance.  She can still dance :D 
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