Five Minute Friday: Song

Here's the deal. Five Minute Friday. You go find the little prompt at the wonderful Lisa-Jo's blog, set the time and write for five minutes, and then just stop. Where you are, no edits, just publish raw words.


I often see my life in pictures. There are times I stop and say "Wow, this would make a great music video."  My life is my album, and though none of the songs are mine, they define me.  The paths I've walked, the hurt, the heartache, the joy, the triumph, it's all recorded in my heart through music. I wouldn't be who I am without it. It helps me to express things that I cannot, to put emotions into words where I am left blank, help me sort through the things that I don't understand. There have been defining moments in my life that were stamped with a song. There were times that I was only able to find the will or the courage to do something because of a certain song, often played on repeat until the task was done.  It kept me alive through the endless abuse. It kept me holding on through the years of fallout. It showed me I'm not alone. I can't say to you that there is one song, because there isn't. There are a hundred, each with their significance, their own meaning, their own place. 

But there is this one song that's on my heart today. It breaks my heart and gives me hope. It carried me through many a dark night, sometimes shattering the emotionless void I was encased in, given me a chance to push through and move forward. Sometimes it just makes me ache for everything I didn't have. And sometimes it makes me so very grateful for the things I have now. The love I have now. The one who carries me through it all.

This is my song today. Please take a minute to hear it... It might be your song, too.


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  1. Oh I agree--my life is often an album as well. Unfortunately I can't listen to the song--German copyrights not allowing it to play. Will have to search for it later.

    Thanks for sharing your song today. Blessings.

  2. Jenn R. Says:

    I've had times when songs, music ... tunes or lyrics have fueled things I've done - given me determination - but a good number of those times there were things fueled that shouldn't have been. So, I know that side fairly well. I have to be careful what I listen to - I'm glad however, that the Lord has delivered me from many of the darker sides that music would drum up within me. I think about how Lucifer is described in God's Word.. I was thinking it was Isaiah 14, but it's Ezekiel 28 (vs 13) in the King James and New American Standard (notes) it describes Lucifer and his connection to music. Makes me think about the role of music carefully.

    I especially like your words: "Sometimes it just makes me ache for everything I didn't have. And sometimes it makes me so very grateful for the things I have now. The love I have now. The one who carries me through it all." Amen! Those are difficult things to work through (aching back and forth). I'm glad you are the Lord's.

    See you call your son Chubby... my oldest brother was nicknamed "Tubby". Here is one of my posts about him FYI

    Take care. Jenn

  3. OneGirl Says:

    I was scrolling through FMF link-ups and saw you, but with a new picture! Love it! I opened your post and realized I was reading MY words up top - ha! How weird. Anyways, I'm so with ya...songs hold memories. They're so powerful.

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