Things I've Learned While Traveling With My Family
Murphy's law applies.  Anything can go wrong will go wrong.  There is no probably in our family.  It is a simple fact.

We got off to a late start in part because I was up til 3 am packing and in part because we really are just that slow.  We stopped to get breakfast and before you know it it's 11 am and we're an hour from home.  Yeah.

December 27th is quite possibly the worst day to travel on the road anywhere.  We clearly were not thinking when we decided to pick this day to travel because, well, everyone else is trying to get home today.  Here's the problem, though.  The speed limit is 70 mph.  We're going somewhere between 20 and 40 at any given time.  I have no idea why we can't all just drive the speed limit, but if you get enough cars on the road, apparently half the horses in our engines run away and we're stuck barely moving.  And there is no wreck, mind you, no construction.  Just good ole fashioned idiocy on the road.  Fun times.

If you give Dylan something new, no matter how sturdy or expensive, he will break it.  They both got mp3 players for Christmas and new head phones and he's had them for all of 2 days and yep, snapped in half.  That's my boy.

You will inevitably have forgotten the things you need, like your migraine pills, tums (because, yes Courtney, you absolutely will get the worst stomach ache of your life somewhere in South Carolina, it happens every. single. time.) and Cars 2.

Even when you say you'll drive, he can apparently read your apprehension and insist on driving.  oops.  In my defense, I'll be driving the entire trip home alone with the kids while he stays behind to tie up some things with his moms estate.

Just when you think the traffic has finally sped up, it will slow down again, just to irritate you.

It's looking like we'll be there somewhere around midnight.  Shoot me.  Please?
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