So, I'm not sure that any of you know this, but I, apparently, am a nerd. Shock, I know. (shut up, Jen, just shut up) I've spent my whole life (well, okay, the first 25 years or so of it) trying to not be a nerd. Trying to be cool, to fit in, to not stand out. I didn't wear black in high school because lets face it, if you wear black you're a devil worshiper and that's just no good for Christian girls, now is it? I didn't listen to too much rock music, and if I did, I did it in hiding. (not that rock is nerdy, but I'm going somewhere with this, I swear) I was cool. I was hip (did I really just say that? *shakes head*) . I actually got B's on exams because destroying the curve for everyone else was a bad, bad thing. I'm literally laughing at myself right now. Sheesh.

I look back now and realize that I was never cool. I was never popular. I was such a dork. I wish I could post pictures of me from middle and high school. It was... bad. However my senior year I think I got things figured out for the most part, and I was really cute (only I was lazy, so no one could tell). I just wasn't popular because, well, because I didn't like the popular people, they were mean and shallow and drug addicts. Ha. I just hung out with the pot heads instead. At least they were down to earth :D Still laughing at myself.

Annnnyhow I swear there was a point to this post. I'm just not sure what it was. ha. I think I started writing because I've spent the whole day sitting at my computer watching youtube videos and reading blogs written by some of my favorite artists, who also happen to be nerds. And tomorrow will be *squeezes eyes shut tight and hopes she can't hear everyone laughing* my DnD debut. Oh Dungeons and Dragons, how I loathe thee. I've had to come up with a character (the poor thing) and have spent countless hours trying to develop her personality and such. I won't even tell you what all that's involved because then you might tip me upside down and give me a swirly hehe :) I'd just like to say thank you to all the little people I had to step on to get here. So, thank you Begley's for destroying my image and ruining my life. I owe it all to you.
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  1. Lyr Says:

    Last I checked... I'm pretty sure nerds were cool. I'm one...I know I married one.... So here is to being a nerd!!!!

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