Because I'm on a roll!
And because I love this kid, and she cracks me up, I've decided to post some of the things she's brought home from school in the last few days. She just makes my day :)

This first one she is describing six pictures that tell a story:
Petr And the rest of the Bunnys wr toD By mom thet She is Going Awt And not go in Mr Mols Godin.

three of the Bunnys Wr picing Black Berys.

Wie the three Bunnys wr picking the Black Berys Petr went into Mr. Mols Godin.

Petr was Hiding in the Wotr can.

And he snok to th fins And snok Awt.

Win Petr got home he went rit to bed And he Had Hot ty.

well, okay then :)

Number two :

I Like that prte. Because hopre is Likeing to Be A yster Bunny. And he likes yster.


I like spring becaus you can see Flawrs. I Like Fall becaus you can play in yoor jacit. I like summer becaus you can play. I like winter becaus I can play in the snow.

Four: My Estr Egg Has spots and scwigly Lins and red And Blue. Ouj and puple. And Green. And sucois. ( I had to have that one translated for me. tell me if you get it!)

And my personal favorite, which I tweeted earlier, but had to share here: (it's attached to a picture she colored in school)

I like this pichur because I JRW My pichur Buddfol. And Culrfol. And I like it. Bunny flawrs brids budrflise and a frog. Are in my pichr.

hehehe okay I smiled, you don't have to, but you know you want to :) That's my lil genius. And in case you don't know, she's in Kindergarten. And now that my computer's automatic spell check is about to have a coronary, I'll hit publish :D
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  1. Tia Says:

    Love it!!!
    sucois = turquois?

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