Not Me! Monday

Well it really is that time of week! It's Monday, which means it's not only time for the weekly photo challenge, but it is also Not Me! Monday. Yay. I think I had totally forgotten that today was Monday :) Anyhow, welcome to the circus. Sit back and watch while I make a fool of myself, then hop on over to MckMama's blog to see what everyone else didn't do this past week :)

I'll start with one that wasn't *quite* my fault. Last Sunday night after church we were getting ready to go. We had gotten in the car (Stacey and I) and were waiting on the children when her little brother walked up and said "hey it's the teen devo tonight, ya'll need to stay". Okay not me number one... Our entire congregation absolutely does not consider me, at the age of 26, to still be a teenager. I'm a grown woman. I've been married for almost 7 years and have 2 children... Anyhow :) Stacey and I most certainly didn't hop out of the car to head back inside for the TEEN devo. Actually, we did. And Stacey leaned into the car to get Dylan and when she did she dropped the keys into the driver seat. I did not at that very moment lock the doors to the car and proceed to close them, and then walk off, not even realizing that I had just locked the keys in the car. We most certainly didn't go through the entire devo, get ready to leave and then realize that the keys were in fact, right there in view on the driver's seat. Sigh. I then most certainly didn't make my husband, who was driving home from Fl at the time, call AAA for me, bc I felt like a total moron. It then didn't take them an hour to get there and 45 seconds to unlock the car. I didn't then realize that there lives a police officer at the house next to the church, and it would have just been much easier to walk over there and ask for help. I know. Genius.

I most certainly did not paint my 5 year old daughter's nails black yesterday, and then let her go to school with them still painted that way. I wouldn't ever let my small child paint her nails BLACK. Seriously. I'm sure her teacher is going to think I've lost my mind :) Oh well, she is her own child, and she wasn't totally copying her Mama.

I also didn't let my house get completely out of control this week (I know, we're all shocked by that) and I'm not sitting here avoiding doing anything productive just because I can. I know, I know, super mom :D

Okay and now I'm not off to find something to eat, because I'm not totally starving!
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  1. Jenilee Says:

    my girls are in love with nail polish... :) I don't think we have any black but I'm sure they'd love it. :)

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