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This is where we live. Our back yard is nothing spectacular. It isn't even anything pretty. It's generally strewn with toys and hot wheels and whatever else you can imagine. But it's our little oasis. So here it is.

From standing on the back slab of concrete, if you look to the right you see this. A friend from church gave us this pavilion. My pregnant friend 'A' and I put it together and then we put the swing under there. There are two little side tables and my wonderful hubby ran a power cord out there so we could have lighting and fans and such. I love to just sit out there. It's so nice.
This is my dragonfly wind chime. My hubby bought it for me in Gatlinburg on a youth trip. We had a blast, and I love it.
These are lights that are strung around the top of my swing. My hubby bought these for me at Target, and I love them, too :)
Standing on my back concrete slab, looking straight ahead, this is what you see. My parents bought the kids this trampoline a few months ago, and it's the 'garage' for all of our bikes, riding toys, etc. Plus when it's really hot, the kids do all their digging under there because it's shaded.
These are my flowers. My husband bought them for me a few months ago, and this is the reason why I am known as a flower killer. I have one single bud. One. It's a Gerber Daisy, and it looks like this:
Isn't it beautiful? I love it!
Standing again, on the concrete slab, if you look to the left, you see this, our knee deep swimming pool. It's taken from far away bc, well, the water is green, and nasty. The pump is apparently not big enough to keep the water clean. Oh well, I tried. As you can see, my husband recently mowed and weedeated, as well :)

Well that's it for our back yard. There's more out front but my favorite part is simply this:
I am so thankful to live where I live, in the United States of America. And as we celebrate our Independence, let us remember what it is that defines our country. We are 'One Nation, Under GOD'. And let us remember the soldiers who die for us every day, that we can remain free to argue that point.

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  1. I'm glad to see someone else flies a flag in their yard. It's my favorite part of our yard. I went out tonight and took a few more flag photos after dark.

    Anyway, love the yard!

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