Not Me! Monday
Well, I know that Jennifer isn't here to do Not Me! Monday, but I feel like I need to write. I don't know why, I just do. I've been in prayer all day about Stellan, and I know God is taking care of him. So, for a little normalcy I'm going to do a short Not Me! post. I've wanted to blog all day, so here's my chance.

My husband is not threatening my kids to clean the living room, telling them either clean, or go straight to bed:)

My son is not whining. He never, ever, ever whines.

My daughter isn't wearing a pair of 18 month pants. She's five. She couldn't possibly fit into a pair of 18 month pants. She didn't get them out of a bag of clothes intended for my friend's 2 year old. When I pointed out to her that they were too short she said 'No mom, they're capri's'.

I am not on the phone with my best friend 'S', who isn't out of town AT THE FREAKING BEACH for a week, without me. I am not saddened by that. I am also not jealous. Not me. Not at all.

I am not still laying in bed with a migraine, with my iPod on, playing the sound of the rain, trying to drown out all the psychoness in my house. I also am not a little tipsy, finding out for the first time what it feels like when you take 2 migraine pills at one time. (it's okay, the bottle said I could take two)

My husband didn't just finish sewing two baby blankets. He isn't the domestic King! (yes, yes he is) :) He didn't save me from having to buy baby gifts for two of my favorite pregnant people.

When I opened a bottle of soda while sitting on my bed, it most certainly didn't explode all over me. That isn't the second time this week that happened to me. I didn't have to wash my sheets. I didn't immediately walk into my husbands work room, say 'you officially now have soda duty' and walk out of the room, sticky, and wet. He didn't yell after me 'why did you pee on your shirt?' I didn't reply 'bc you weren't there'. He didn't reply if that's pee, you need to get that looked at (it was orange soda) We're not totally disturbed.

I'm not astonished at how easily this post has come to me since I'm talking on the phone. I never have trouble remembering the crazy things that I have happened in the week prior. Ever!

I have not made some pretty awesome friends via this blog. I'm not thankful for facebook :)

I guess I should give up, since this isn't even remotely funny haha. Hope you all have a good week, and that no one's head hurts as badly as mine. Really. And now, I'm not turnng on the extra AC, bc I'm not under two fans, and I'm not still hot. It isn't bc my husband is only 15 feet away :) Okay, yeah it is hahaha

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    Hey... I gave you something on my blog! Check it out! ;)

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