Show Us Where You Live Friday - Children's Rooms and Nurseries
So, I'm at it again, showing off our humble home. It's now officially Show Us Where You Live Friday. Hop on over to Kelly's Blog to check out everyone else's kids' rooms. Have fun! The kids rooms are probably my favorite. Just bc my kids live there :) So we'll start with the princess' room, I suppose.

This is looking in from the hall. It was taken just after we moved in. That's my highboy over there in the corner, from when I was a teen. We took the legs off of it to keep my little monster son from pulling it over on himself, but he managed to do that anyhow. That picture holder was made by my friend from home's mom when she was born. Such sweet memories it holds. The castle was given to us by a friend and was one of her 'big' Christmas gifts not this past Christmas but the year before.

This was taken while standing in the castle. Take great notice of the blinds, once again. The room is a mix of Dora and Sleeping Beauty. The bed was moms, but I had one just like it when I was little, too.

I just love this little lamp. I think we got it at walmart. I put a pink bulb in it, and it works wonders as a night light. And adds to the whole pepto bismol thing :)

Here's the little Sleeping beauty set up on top of her TV. Yes, I know, just look at the dust!

Ah, the curtains. I love these curtains. They were sufficient when we actually had blinds, but now they'll have to be replaced bc, well, a psycho lives across the street.

This is her brand new quilt that her daddy made her. If you look to the left of the quilt there's a lump. That would be my little man's feet. Yes, it took most of these pictures while they were sleeping in the bed. Oops

This precious little bench sits out in the hallway by their doors. It was given to us by a friend from church before she moved away. I just LOVE it, and so do the kids. It hosts everything from kids to dolls to shoes.

Well, this is the monster's room. It's cars/pooh. All of the pooh stuff migrated over from her nursery, to his nursery. And it just stayed. The little rug is cars, and he loves it. He can lay there on the floor and play with his cars and trains for hours. I love it.

Here's his car bed. It lays on the ground bc he's the most dangerous child on the planet.

This is the newly cleaned out toy box.
Yes, I said cleaned out. Ha you should have seen it yesterday! It was all over the floor :)

And this is his name plate on his door. No, his name isn't Tank, but it is his nickname. Bc he's like a Sherman Tank. HAHA. Well now you've seen it all. The disasters that are their rooms are now all over the net :) Enjoy!
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  1. Love that you kept it real! My son is 5 and I asked him to dust last weekend while my husband supervised. It just wasn't quite as thorough as I would have done but they tried. I didn't take any closeups - ha!

  2. Brenda Says:

    Love the pink fan! Both rooms are darling!

  3. Karyn Says:

    Cute rooms-especially love all the pink and shiny stuff in your daughter's room. I have four boys and they refuse to let me do any pink. haha. Blessings!

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog today.
    I am still finding my way around blogland....
    I always love making new friends..

    I am posting about Disney so hope you will stop by.
    Each comment enters you for the June giveaway.

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