I dreamt of him last night. Well, it was this morning, as that was the dream I awakened from by the alarm. I didn't want to get up. I didn't want the dream, but I was so tired when I woke up that I would have just stayed there if I could. I know it doesn't make any sense. Welcome to my life. Today is Sunday. I know I've said it a thousand times, but Sundays are hard. Sigh. Now I'm just being redundant. Oh well.

I feel far from God today. Not that God is far away, just that I'm not in the place I should be as a Christian. I know God is near, God is always near. I know that this is my fault. I just want to be near Him. I want to feel close to Him. I have always been told that Christianity isn't about your feelings or emotions. I don't agree wholeheartedly with that statement. There's a sermon I'd love to share sometime that I heard once. Maybe I can find a way to upload it here. Anyhow. I think it has a lot to do with feelings and emotions. I mean, after all, God gave me these emotions. Bleh. Back to where I was. I feel so far from Him. Like I'm not a good Christian. I could go into how no one is perfect and no one is better than anyone else and how it's God's grace that saves us through faith and obedience, but really, right now, I don't feel good enough. I know. I know. I hurt. I feel so far from Him. Like there is so much more that I could do. I mean really, what makes a person a good Christian? I want nothing more than to just go Home. If God wanted to come get me today, I would be so totally okay with that. I long for that day. I crave him in ways that I can't explain. I long for the day when this pain will be a distant memory. But I am human. And I sin. A lot. But does that make me a bad Christian? I hate this. I hate all of this uncertainty in my head. I don't know who or what I am. I just want Him. That's all. I need Him to be close. And yet, I don't even know how to pray. I need something tangible. I can't do this. I should be so much more than I am. I feel guilt. So much guilt and sorrow for everything. Maybe that's what this is. One big guilt trip. I don't know. I just know that I hurt and feel so far from Him. I feel like I should do so much better. I can't even say what I mean right now. I don't know how to articulate this. It gives new meaning to the phrase 'groanings we can not utter'. I know that's how I feel right now. I just want Him. I just don't know how to get there, anymore. I want to do right. I want to live right. Righteous. For Him. I just have to find my way through this pain. This guilt. It isn't fair. None of this is fair. It's in moments like these that I wonder 'what if'. Who would I be had this never happened? Who was I supposed to be? I suppose I'll never know. I feel so far, so alone. I just want to go home.
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  1. Just Be Real Says:

    Dear one, I feel like I just wrote this the other day. I totally understand what you are going through, as I am going through, as you know, something as similar. Hard as it is for us to grasp God's love and the assurance that we are His child and there is nothing that we can do to take away our salvation......the doubts still come in. A lot of that is due to our abuse in the past. Dear one, all I can say, is that I am in the same boat, trying to stay afloat and it gets down to where "faith" enters in. I certainly do not understand a lot of things why God does this and that, but having faith that He is control is about all we can do. Because, in actualality, He is in control.


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