Lent is tomorrow.  Earlier I posted about my lack of discipline, and that I wanted to try to do something to prove to myself that I could have some discipline.  I am not Catholic, and I don't know very much about Lent at all, but it seems like a good time to start.

I am not doing this for penitence, there's nothing I could do or not do or say or not say to earn Salvation.  Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and I believe that following his plan for salvation is all I need (hear, believe, repent, confess, be baptized).

I am, however, doing this as a way to remind myself that I absolutely can do anything if I set my mind to it.  It's less about giving something up, and more about setting in place some discipline and self-control.  And with that, I'm drinking another Mt. Dew before midnight :D

The afternoon has been crazy busy. Anthony was here so we could work on an outline for a project due next week.  Ali has a family tree due Thursday, so we (with the help of Eric's sister and cousin) have been working on that.  My parents family tree can be traced back for what seems like ever (because there are so many people in our family, it's easy to track them), but Eric's family isn't quite as easy.  It'll be fun to see it all come together, though.

I didn't sleep last night and now I'm exhausted, so as soon as Eric comes in the door, it is night night time!

Oh and my babies are starting gymnastics on the 5th.  Ali has wanted to do it forever, and Dylan decided he wanted to try it too.  Should prove to be a very interesting ride!

Anyhow, here, to suck you in to actually read this mess, is a picture blurry, grainy, dark cellphone picture of my babies :D
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  • I'm a wife. I'm a mom. I'm a photographer. I'm a lover of Jesus. My house is a mess, my kids are dirty, we eat take out more often than not. My life is loud, busy and crazy. And that's okay with me.
    This is Eric, the man you've been praying for. He's a paramedic. He quilts in his spare time. No, I couldn't make that up :) He has NASH (a form of liver disease, non-alcoholic) and diabetes, but those things don't define him. He's a man of God, an insanely wonderful husband, and the best daddy in the world.. Just ask these guys..
    Our daughter Ali, she's 9. She's fiercely opinionated and strong willed. She's a Daddy's girl, but the umbilical cord hasn't but cut from me, either. She's a gymnast, and proud of it. She spends more time upside down or turning flips than she does walking. She's crazy smart, and absolutely sure of it. She is my insufferable little know it all.
    Our son Dylan, 7. We lovingly refer to him as Chubs. Or Chubby. Or fat boy. Ahem. He is all boy, as you can see by his crazy wild energy. He has the highest pain tolerance of any child I have ever met. He plays soccer and does gymnastics, but truly he is a gamer, a nerd. He is an avid reader and loves to climb. Not to be outdone by his sister, he's a drama king, but to him, I'm the best mommy in the world.