Insert witty title here... I'm blank.

My mom kept the kids this evening, and I got home and did my day 3 run for couch to 5k.  So stinkin' excited ya'll!  It was honestly easier.  The first two days I stopped after interval four to get water and bring my heart rate down.  Generally I would sit for about three minutes.  Today I did grab water, but I didn't sit at all!  When I finished I was over the moon because already I shaved a minute 32 off my mile.  Like... woah.  And I didn't die, so there's that.

So then I come in to cool down and shower and crawl in bed to await the arrival of my sweet, adorable, wonderful husband.  Okay, yeah I'm playing that up a bit.  Let me back up.

As I left my moms house today, I had an impending feeling of doom.  I literally almost turned around to go get my kids because I was terrified something bad was going to happen and I'd never see them again.

Ya'll I almost never worry about stuff like that.  I mean, yeah, I have my stuff I'm neurotic over, but usually that's not one of them.  So I was like okay chill out you're over reacting nothing is going to happen.  But as I drove I began to really worry so I started to pray, and suddenly I realized that it wasn't them I was worried about but Eric.  (I know I'm crazy just follow along)

So I pray more and ask God to just keep us all safe and bring us all home together again.  Then I called Stacey to make sure she was alive, you know, just in case.

Soooo... I'm laying in bed in my jammies eating a pb&j (don't judge me) and my phone rings.  It's Eric.  The following conversation went something like this, slightly edited.


"Hey, I'm gonna be a little bit late."

(Imagine me, ears piqued like a hound on the hunt)

"Umm what's wrong?"

"I hit a freaking deer!"

To which I reply...

"I KNEW IT!  I told you something bad was going to happen.  Ugh, I knew it."

"Yeah, you know, I'm fine, but I'm going to be a bit late."

Oh sweet lovely sarcasm, how we love you in this family.  I really do love you and worry about you honey.

So, yeah.  Long story short, I ended up having to drive an hour to get him, but we're home now.  The rental car places are all closed apparently, so it'll be Tuesday before we can get one since he has to work tomorrow and Monday and the insurance will only pay for it if he picks it up.  Yeah.  So thankfully my mom is going to come stay with me so I can get the kids to and from church and such.  Here's a picture of the damage.  Lucky one, my husband is.  Apparently it was a six pointer and some of our hunting friends are jealous :)

So, that was my day in a nutshell.  How was yours?

Oh, btw, congrats to Katie for running your first 5k ever and kicking it's butt.  <3 you girl!
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  1. Reese Says:

    Hey Girl ... let's run a 1/2 marathon ..Spring 2012. Erin, Sarah, and I are talking about running the OKC 1/2 marathon. OKC Memorial 1/2. : ) I am so proud of you and your running... wut.

    I am glad Eric is OK. Geez. Scary.

    "ears piqued like a hound on the hunt".... y'all talk weird in NC. Ok, maybe we talk weird in Oklahoma. haha.

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