Hodge. Podge.
I'm sitting on my front porch listening to the birds chirp,pretending that I'm not paying my kids any attention so they can be big kids.  Truthfully, I'm listening to their voices every second, following the sound of Dylan's scooter on the sidewalk.  I can hear the other kids playing, too, and it reassures me, but still, my babies are growing up.

And it just started sprinkling on my head.


I think we're starting to settle in here in our new home.  We're flourishing as a family, being more productive and possibly better functioning than we ever have.  It's easy here, for some reason.  After school every day we do homework and the kids play, then before bed we do a Bible study and say our prayers, and Ali reads 20 minutes worth of pure Narnian gold to us in the form of Prince Caspian.  I've found it easier to keep tabs on the house, keep the dishes semi-clean and the laundry semi-done.  I've been spending a lot more time with God, and it's making a major difference in all our lives'.

The kids are doing well in school, too well, I'm sure.  Ali is already complaining that the work is too easy, and I keep assuring her that they're still doing review and it will get better, when in all actuality I know that's not 100% true.  I'm going to speak with her teacher on Monday about it, because she is really feeling unchallenged.  Dylan is doing well, and while he is above grade level in math and science, he's young enough that busy work keeps him happy.  And that's okay with me for now.  I've been supplementing at home with higher level math lessons and science as well.  They love science.  They're nerds.

Finally, I'm on a quest to lose weight.  For the first time in my life I've been asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding, and I refuse to be the fat chick in the wedding.  Ha.  But seriously.  I do.  The kids and I walked a little over a mile tonight, but we had to come home because poor Dylan ran most of it, and wore himself out.  I tried to explain him the value of pacing yourself, but I'm not sure he gets it yet.  Oh well.  At least they like to be active.

Oh, I'm so excited that the high tomorrow is 63.  LONG SLEEVE WEATHER!  So excited.  Sad it will only last a couple of days, but this is the beginning of the end of summer, and I can't wait, personally.  I guess I've rambled enough, time to get the kids in and bathed and fed and start our nightly routine.  Fun times. :)

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  1. Reese Says:

    What is it about North Carolina and front porches? I love the thought, and I love sitting on them. Maybe, next time I can come sit with you too. Thru your words I could hear your kiddo's, and I loved every sound.


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    This is Eric, the man you've been praying for. He's a paramedic. He quilts in his spare time. No, I couldn't make that up :) He has NASH (a form of liver disease, non-alcoholic) and diabetes, but those things don't define him. He's a man of God, an insanely wonderful husband, and the best daddy in the world.. Just ask these guys..
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    Our son Dylan, 7. We lovingly refer to him as Chubs. Or Chubby. Or fat boy. Ahem. He is all boy, as you can see by his crazy wild energy. He has the highest pain tolerance of any child I have ever met. He plays soccer and does gymnastics, but truly he is a gamer, a nerd. He is an avid reader and loves to climb. Not to be outdone by his sister, he's a drama king, but to him, I'm the best mommy in the world.