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I watch as you piece them together, carefully constructing the tracks to match the world you have built in your mind.  I listen as you mutter to yourself "Where is your mommy, Thomas?  Is it Emily?  My daddy is Percy, but I'll share with you if you need".  I laugh to myself as I realize that you are completely wrapped up in your own little world.  You have no concept of life, really.  And yet, you are the most alive person I've ever met.

You sit on the floor, pushing your trains around as though they were real engines, unaware that your world is changing.  I feel a tear fall down my cheek as I realize that soon, I will have to tell you that your Grandma, whom you asked about just this morning, has passed away.  It breaks my heart that when you grow up, your memories of her will be dim.  You love her so dearly.

I dare not ruin your world today, as you sit peacefully playing in your mind.  I can't bear it.  I worry for days how you are going to handle the news, if you'll truly understand what is going on.  I worry more about your sister, but your reaction intrigues me.

I look into your eyes as Daddy tells you that grandma is gone.  I see the tears roll down your sisters face, and my heart aches as she crawls into my lap.  But I watch your face, the smile that twinges on the edge of your lips, and smile as you say "then she is in Heaven, and when he get there I can see her and then I can touch her again".  Indeed, my son.

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  1. Lindsey V Says:

    This is just beautiful about your son.....I am so sorry for your family's loss today..

  2. Reese Says:

    Dear Dylan: You are so cute, so loved, and in-tune w/ Jesus.


    P.S. I love this post, Court!! I sure miss your voice.

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