When God is in the little things.
We've all seen God move. Move in huge ways, in fact. Like when you're told you'll never have children and suddenly you're pregnant with twins. Or when you're told your 15 year old daughter will not live through the night after a car accident and now she is a junior in college. When your unbelieving husband comes up out of the baptistery. When you're 35 and you feel like you will never find someone to love and then prince charming rides in and sweeps you off your feet. God works in big ways. God is good. And that is what a lot of us are looking for. We're looking for the big things.

We pray so hard, and we wonder why God isn't answering, isn't hearing, isn't doing anything. We pray and pray and then shake our head with tears when our houses foreclose. We cry out in agony when we lose our babies, we fall into darkness when we are abused, neglected, hurt. We don't understand why in these times God didn't move in huge ways for us. Why did her baby live and mine didn't? Why are they still in their home and we're barely making it? Why did he get cured from cancer and my husband is dying? Why? We're looking for the big things, and for certain God does move in huge ways.

But sometimes he doesn't.

And it is in those times that we need to remember that God isn't just in the big things, He is in the little things too.

The rustle of the leaves as the wind blows them to the ground in the Autumn. The squeals of giggling children playing in the yard. The snow falling silently to the ground. Feeling those extra few seconds of a hug when a friend just knows you need it. Watching 4 guys (including someone you wouldn't expect) work on your car in the dark because it won't start and you need to get home from church. (Okay that was a personal one, but still :))

He's in the little extra bit of money in that pay check that you didn't expect.

He's in the kindness of the man who returns your check card when you didn't realize you dropped it.

In that card of encouragement that came in the mail signed anonymous.

He's in the sky. In the sunset, and sunrise.

He is in it all.

So today, if like me, you're wondering why God isn't moving in huge ways for you, look around and find the small ways God is moving for you. They add up. Really. And know that he hears you always when you pray. And he is always, always with you.
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  1. Tricia Says:

    Amen and double Amen!! I needed this little reminder today as well, and I found it playing in the leaves on the first sunny day in the last week. Rolling around taking pictures of my kids. The little things, indeed.
    Thank you for sharing.


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