Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday, where you can be brutally honest about all of your faults and live to laugh about it. Hope on over to MckMama's blog and see what everyone else hasn't been doing.

I most certainly didn't just delete this whole post by hitting the backspace key. For some reason it took me back to my dashboard, and hadn't saved anything. I didn't cuss. No, really, I didn't.

I didn't go to bed at 6 this morning and then get up at 11:30. I never stay up until the sun rises when I know I have to be up in a few hours. I am way too responsible for that. I *always* get the reccomended 8 hours of sleep. Always.

Friday night when we were predicted to get several (3-6) inches of snow. When I went to bed at a very late hour (like 3 am) and there was no snow on the ground, I did not say 'I will never, ever, ever trust another weather person again. Ever.' I did not stomp around here like a small child, and go to bed in a huff.

Saturday morning I didn't wake up to a winter wonderland and feel like an idiot for my little snit the night before. I also didn't spend hours tromping around in the bitter cold taking pictures while it was still sleeting. I have much better sense than that.

I didn't take the most fantastic pictures of my kids yesterday. Okay, yes, I did. Just go look :) They're freaking awesome. There are days I feel like I'm not a good photographer, but on days like yesterday, well, I know better:)

I do not plan on going back out in the snow today (although it isn't cold today and the snow is melting rapidly) to take more pictures of my kids, and my nephews. I'm not obsessed. I'm not.

I'm not really, really sad that the snow is melting so soon. It's only been three days. I totally could live somewhere that it snowed on a regular basis. I will greatly miss the snow. Greatly.

I do not want you to go look at those fantastic photos from yesterday. No, really. Don't. :)

Later :)
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    This is Eric, the man you've been praying for. He's a paramedic. He quilts in his spare time. No, I couldn't make that up :) He has NASH (a form of liver disease, non-alcoholic) and diabetes, but those things don't define him. He's a man of God, an insanely wonderful husband, and the best daddy in the world.. Just ask these guys..
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