Because Katie Did...
My sweet friend Katie over at Loves of Life just posted a blog asking her readers to come out and say hi. What a great idea. I've tried it here before, and it's never worked. Mostly my commenters are the same few people that I talk to every day, and I am so very grateful for their sweet, uplifting words, but I know there are more of you out there than just Reese, Jen, Mel, Sheryl, Tia, Erin and the rest of my Bloomies. I just know there are. And I would really, really like to get to know you.

You see, I know there is someone in Lima, Ohio who reads this blog. And Prattville, Al. And Charlotte, Raleigh, and Cary, NC (okay, really the more I look through, I'm shocked at how many of you are from NC...). And though I'm pretty sure I know who one of my two Australian readers are, I'm on pins and needles to know who the other one is, and who in Zurich Switzerland, and Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom finds me at all interesting. There is someone from Santa Claus, Indiana for goodness sakes. People I want to get to know you! It gets lonely over here on the other side of this screen sometimes :) So, step out of the box, and say hi. Let me know where you're from, why you're here, how you found me, anything. Pretty please. Pretty, pretty, pretty please... Oh come on people, just do it. :D I mean, after all, I found the courage to step out of my hiding place, surely you can too

I know sometimes the nature of this blog can be sensitive, but for today lets just pretend I'm any other Mommy blogger trying to connect with her readers over how cute her kids are. Will it make it easier if I post a couple of pictures of the little monsters for ya'll? Oh, alright, if you insist! Here you go.

Since we made the monsters, I figure I'd start with one of us, just bc it's so darn cute!

And because I thought I should show her as she really is, our daughter, Ali.

And the life of the party, Dylan.

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  1. Debra Says:

    Wee! Santa Claus Indiana! That is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Evansville Indiana where I am from. Spent many a summer days there at Holiday World. Good times! Best water park... ever.

    PS... this is Debra and I are a bloomie who lives in central IL! I read because I love you and think you are one of the coolest girls ever. Plus we are connected at the heart.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Me! Don't forget about me, even though I am a traitor and left Blogger for WordPress! I love the mommy blogs and the cute kids photos and all the recipes.
    Courtney, read my post about my husband, hope you get a chuckle...

    Suzanne! :)

  3. Kaylan Says:

    I have commented before, but I am a new follower. I found you through MckMama I think. I am married to the most wonderful man :) We have 2 fantabulous boys. I look forward to "meeting" you. I live right outside of Charlotte, NC.

  4. noahpoco Says:

    Wooley Booger looks like he's tryin to eat u :)

  5. Katie Says:

    Haha, I LOVE your blog title :) lol.

    First of all, I have to say, I somehow found your blog (so long ago) and sent your link over to Lyryn thinking the two of you would get along, give encouragement to one another, etc. On my post today I noticed you said you found me through her...which is funny, and probably true-but on my end it was the opposite ;) haha.



  6. Tia Says:

    Just because I am not commenting on this post.
    No dragonflies allowed :)

  7. I have no clue how I never saw your blog?!?!?!?! What's up with that??!?!? I'm just going to blame Amy. :)

    This is Shelli the wonderful Bloomie that you love the best. :) Ok, maybe not, but it is Shelli. Love the pics!!

  8. Jen Says:

    Yeah Shelli. Because we all know she loves me best.

  9. OneGirl Says:

    hi! :) I'm from Florida and, as mentioned in an earlier comment, I "met" you through Angie's blog.

  10. Erin Says:

    Hi I'm Erin and I am not supposed to comment on this post but....Court loves ME the best so I just had to say that.


    Love you girls.

  11. Lyr Says:

    Katie is right... she did tell me about you and I did start following you. And I'm glad that she did!

    I love your pictures!

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