Prayer Request.
This morning my parents came over at 10:30. My parents never, ever show up that early because I'm almost never up. Mom walks in and says we need to talk. My heart sank. Dad has had the flu for a couple of weeks and earlier this week they told him that he has pneumonia. Now they are saying that there are several masses in his left lung. They're 99% sure it's cancer but they won't say anything for sure until he sees the thoracic surgeon on Monday. He also has an arotic aneurism that has now doubled in size. To make matters worse, his insurance runs out very, very soon. Please, everyone please please pray. His name is Andy. Thank you all.
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  1. Melanie Says:

    oh goodness. I'm definately praying!!! *hug*

  2. Lauresa Says:

    Ohhhh no.I will add your Dad to my heart (and prayers.) (and, Mom.)

  3. JD Says:

    Praying for your father, for the doctors to have the wisdom and the knowledge needed to help him through this, praying for your family to feel peace as they continue to trust the Ultimate Physician. I'm sorry that they discovered so many problems, but I'm SO thankful that they DID discover the problems... so that they CAN do something to help.

    Keep your focus on GOD, He *will* get you all through this!

  4. Sadie Says:

    Adding to the prayers.

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