Okay. I feel so out of touch. I've been told several times in the last weeks Problem is, I have no idea what to say. I thought about building a tent in one of the kids rooms and taking pictures to show what we do on rainy days. I thought about doing a photo blog. I thought about just rambling. I thought about talking about the orphanage we're trying to help overseas. I've thought about just asking for ideas to blog about. Because lets face it, I am at a loss for words. When am I ever at a loss? Ever.

Well... hmm oh yeah here's something funny for you to laugh at. I'm on my hubby's computer bc mine won't work. Here's the deal. For about six months the battery on my computer hasn't worked. The computer has to be plugged up or it's a no go. Several weeks ago the computer started acting hinky. I would get error messages while trying to boot up, etc. Then yesterday my computer completely stopped working. I booted it up and got a blue screen. It gave me instructions to start in safe mode, and every time I do the thing freezes up. So, tonight I decided to give it another go, and I got the blue screen. Sigh. Instead of holding down the power button, I just pulled the cord so it would turn off. And it didn't. It stayed running. It was fine. Are you kidding me?!?!?!? My windows stops working altogether, and my battery decides it's going to join us in the land of the living. Karma.

Anyhow. Seriously, not a lot to talk about. Doing a newborn photo shoot Sunday. If you have any good ideas, you could let me know. Wow this is about the worst post I've ever posted. I don't have the emotional energy to go into life, so this is what you're getting :) I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive, I mean, for those of you who didn't already know that. Now.. for those of you who have been on my back about blogging.. shush. I did. And I told you it would be boring. Nothing to say :)
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  1. JD Says:

    Girl, it's good to see you blogging :) Now I can get off your back... whew!! :D

    I'd love to hear baout the things going on in your life. About the kids' activities on rainy days, about the orphanage overseas, and as always, I love photos!!

    My jaw dropped when I read about your laptop. Something happened with the power on mine while I was in Ohio early in the summer. It has been doing the same thing since... the battery has never been great on it, it gives me less than five minutes to save and do a shutdown. If I lose power all together, forget it. Blue screen of death waits for my return. I get the blue screen, I do the safe mode stuff, I do everything but stand on my head, and randomly, an hour later, after trying all the same things 59 times... wham, it works. Go figure. Even now, sometimes, when it's plugged in, it recognizes that it's plugged in. Sometimes, uh, not so much... and even though it's plugged in... I have less than five minutes to do whatever it is I'm doing.

    In the last two weeks, it's been freezing up, especially in chat. If I bend the two opposing corners back a bit, it frees itself up, and snaps out of it. Then back again minutes later. Chatting in Bloom has been painful since... it's almost impossible. I think Satan cursed my laptop for visiting Bloom so much.

    As for the newborn shoot, unfortunately/fortunately, I have a LOT of experience with newborns. Are we talking days old, or weeks old? Just keep in mind that the photo examples you see online for young babies work mostly by age/size. Some of the things with a newborn, won't work with a baby three weeks and up, and some things with four month olds, won't work with newborns. Try anything, and everything! It's going to sound odd, but some of the best newborn photos are au naturel. Less is more. Less clothes, less props. No diaper, even. Timeless, classic. You'll do a great job!

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