Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday. The blog carnival started by MckMama, so we can all confess all those horrible things we feel guilty about that we didn't really do. To check out what everyone else hasn't been doing this week hop on over to her blog and check it out!

To start me out, something funny for your laughing pleasure. I didn't just have this conversation with my VERY intelligent five year old daughter:
Her: Mommy?
Me: Yes honey?
Her: I would like to buy a dog.
Me: Oh really? (does anyone hear the sarcasm in my voice? I promise you its there!)
Her: Yeah, or something smaller like a zebra that I can keep in it's cage forever.
Me: Let me get this straight. You want to buy a dog, or something smaller like a zebra that you can keep in a cage?
Her: yeah, a zebra.
Me: Umm, Okay, I'll talk to your Daddy about that one.
Her: I meant when I was a adult mommy!

Like I was a complete dork for thinking she actually thought we'd let her get a zebra. She'll just wait til she's an adult. Well, okay then

My three year old son has not been named at church 'The Shoeless Wonder'. I make sure they're always completely dressed appropriately and they always have shoes on. I mean, they could step on a thorn or something, and I wouldn't want my babies getting hurt.

Three times this week, when my kids were filthy, I certainly didn't just put them in the them in the tub and let them play for like an hour until all of the dirt had dissolved.

My daughter is NOT, NOT, NOT starting school in just a few short weeks. Okay, like six, but still..

I didn't want to strangle my son several times this week. Again. Like the time I walked into the kitchen and found him with an cracked egg in his hand, trying to get the yolk to go into a bottle of water. I seriously cleaned it up right then and didn't just leave the yolk ring on the floor.

This past week I also didn't clean my whole house (minus bedrooms) only to find it destroyed the very next day. My kids are so helpful, and never leave toys, clothes, blankets, shoes, etc lying all over the place!

I have a million funny things to tell you bc I remember everything that happened this week and my days don't all just run together...

Oh yeah, one more. One night while laying in bed with my husband, I wasn't crying. I wasn't feeling lonely and generally depressed. I didn't say 'look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me as much as you did they day we got married'. Now, if I had said that, my loving husband certainly wouldn't have, without a beat, said 'of course I love you Baby. I love you even more than I did then. Your Daddy paid me good money to love you.'

I just have one question. Where's the money buddy? :)

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  1. Just Be Real Says:

    The zebra joke came out of left field for me on that punch line! Good one Broken.

    Thank you for sharing this post for a not me Monday.

    Yeah, so where is the money, huh?


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